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A quick tip of the hat to an old friend building a new performance space out of discarded pianos. Yes, a performance space out of discarded pianos. Welcome to the Pianodrome. Continue reading →

Best Bookshelves Ever?

In the area of the Luberon where I live, there is a wonder wood called “mélèze”. It is “tamarack” in English and it is a versatile wood imbued with a natural pesticide that weathers extremely well in the northern Provençal climate.  Continue reading →

Enabled By Globalisation

Although I am a deeply competitive person, one game I have always loathed and have always been terrible at is poker. This is because my basic life philosophy — if you love something, go all in — is a terrible poker strategy. The past four occasions I’ve played Texas hold ‘em, I’ve lost all my money in the first 20 minutes because of misguidedly going all in on unsuitable occasions. Continue reading →

New York & A Non-Early Adopter

I remember reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point back in 2000 or 2001 and thinking rather humbly that I may not be an innovator but at least I was an early adopter. Ha! As time marches and technology sprints, I find myself clinging to the familiar. How bad is it? Well let’s just say last week I discovered an exciting new way to listen to music. Anybody heard of Spotify? I think it is going to be big… Continue reading →

Rencontres de Bamako

After having spent the better part of two months immersed in the world of African photography, I am delighted to the Biennale Africaine de la Photographie is now upon us. I was asked to translate the essays in the exhibition catalogue and oversee the overall proofreading. Nothing is more delightful that paid work that allows you to discover new artists… Continue reading →

Halloween in France

So, we’re on Year 3 of a Five Year Plan to make my village the Halloween capital of France. To be honest, I am startled at how well it is going. My love for Halloween has been well-chronicled, but what are the chances that I end up buying a house in a village filled with wonderful people who are utterly eager for a Halloween party? Continue reading →

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