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1) My books are fine reads that have won praise on five continents.

2) I am a working author. Writing is neither hobby nor an adjunct to a career as a journalist or a professor. I need every sale.

3) I plan to be writing for another few decades and I promise it will be an interesting journey. Get on the train while there are still good seats available and I am able to do things like respond to every reader’s email or letter.


My life was changed by an independent book store and I am a devoted to their cause so if possible, give your local bookstore a visit and order my work there. If you live in North America, this nifty store *locator* from IndieBound will help you find a something near you. You can also use *this* tool to order my online books from an independent store.

Sadly, I can’t find a similar organization in Britain. The British Bookseller’s Association wears several hats and represents the big chains, the online stores, and the indies, so there isn’t really the motive for an IndieBound-type drive.

All that said, I find myself using Amazon more frequently these days. For one thing, the book is always in stock and delivered to my door for free here in France. And, more sadly, there isn’t a quality English independent bookstore in Marseille, so I have to take a 20-minute bike ride to the metro, a 10-minute metro ride to the bus station, a 30-minute bus ride to Aix-en-Provence, and finally a 15-minute walk to get to the excellent Book in Bar English bookstore. So, I made the following compromise: Every two months I go to Aix and spend at least 100 euros in the real bookstore; and the rest of the time I buy off Amazon. So, hell, buy off Amazon if it is more convenient. I often do.

My books on the U.S. Amazon are here:

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