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Paying for Journalism

In my third year journalism classes at the Institut Européen de Journalisme, we discuss the economic crisis in journalism that has resulted from the migration of advertising from traditional news media to social media and search engines. We look at less savory solutions like custom content or native advertising and less stable solutions like crowd-funding or philanthropic journalism. However, the gorilla in the classroom is the basic fact that if my students hope to get good journalism jobs one day, people need to pay good money for journalism. Continue reading →


I am not a traditional translator in the sense that it isn’t the book that is important but the overall project. A good example is my first major translation, L’Abolition by Robert Badinter. It wasn’t so much that I thought Americans absolutely needed to know this book; yes, it is a stunning narrative and an important chapter in European history, but the details are so rooted in the French culture of the 1970s that it doesn’t resonate with many non-French readers. Continue reading →


Alberto Manguel! Yes, that Alberto Manguel.

Bees in the Backyard

It was one of those long days when I had to occupy the children while my wife caught up on her sleep after a night shift at the hospital. I heard that there was a man in the nearby village of Saint Etienne les Orgues who kept bees that were so gentle that children could pet them. So off we went. Continue reading →

Spanish Love

My Shakespeare and Company/Paris memoir was recently released in Spain under the title La librería más famosa del mundo and there has been a curious stream of positive reviews, including this lengthy piece in one of the country’s leading newspapers, El Mundo.

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Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!

These graphs are for my L2 law students at Aix-Marseille Université, although they would probably be interesting for anyone concerned with drug policy …

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