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Writing, A Bewildering Friend

Let’s start with what I find so awful about writing. The compulsion to make every phrase as evocative and precise as possible combined with the anguish at seeing the gulf between the mind’s perfectly imagined sentence and the inevitably imperfect sentence that appears on paper. Continue reading →

The Podcasts I Love

The truth is I have been in something of a podcast rut. About six years ago, I discovered a flurry of brilliant podcasts – This American Life, RadioLab, Wiretap – along with a some major ear candy – Guardian Football Weekly – and I became a podcast devotee. But, sadly, I haven’t found a new podcast to love and live by for months, maybe even years. Continue reading →

On Acting

It wasn’t quite the cliché of being discovered in a grocery store but almost. It was actually my friend Laura who was in the grocery store when a casting agent heard her speak French with a heavy English accent. Continue reading →

The Stedman whirlybirds

Forgive the sloppy metaphor, but sometimes I think of my time in Paris as being a flowering maple tree and all those exceptional people I met eventually whirlybirded away just like those magical maple keys. Now, more than a decade later, some of those seeds have struck fertile soil and have become impressive trees of their own.

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Feeling Dull

The other night, I had one of those shocking collisions between Past Me and Present Me. I wasn’t sleeping well, anxious over how I was going to get my daughter a place in the local international school. So, in those murky hours I ended up on the Internet where I followed a link to a link to a link to a video of Kathleen Edwards performing on The David Letterman Show.

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This Knowledge Almost Killed Him

Mark MacKinnon has braved many things in his career as an international journalist, but screw the Israeli helicopters and Japanese radiation poisoning: I bet the greatest threat to his life has been the air in Beijing. Seriously, the guy can barely breathe there.

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