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Preparing to Film Promotional Video in Mexico City, November 2014.

Me and My Movie Wife, Set of Avis de Mistral, July 2014.

Touring Vila Belmiro, the home stadium for Santos F.C., the best football team in Brazil.

On stage at Tarrafa Literária

With my daughter Santoline after the 2009 Défi Monte Cristo

Author sketch from World Literature Today

With Mark MacKinnon and Colin Freeze in Baku

My greatest Halloween installation ever

On tour in 2005

With Adrian Hornsby after the Short Step performance in Beijing.

With Colin Freeze near Philadelphia, 2006

Oia boule team

Selling KMZ, 2002

On stage at the Châteaudun squat in 2002

With Luke Basham at Kilometer Zero launch, 2000

With George Whitman, 2000

My completely impractical car from my journalist days

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photo : Stefan Bladh

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