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Fly Away Words : Paravion Press

November 17, 2010

Brilliant news out of Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece. My friends there have launched an utter gem of a publishing venture called Paravion Press. The name is inspired by the French term for ‘air mail’ and the idea is a heart-burster for anybody who loves reading books and mailing letters. (That would be me.)

Here’s how it works: the editors at Paravion have chosen a series of classic novellas and short stories which they will publish with a special binding that flips out and over to serve as an envelope. So, you can read the story and then mail it on to a friend. Or, if it is a story of a romantic ilk you can just send it directly to the lover of your choice. Egad! The ingenuity makes me dizzy!

Needless to say, I’m a big fan and I’ve already purchased an initial bundle of five editions (for the low low price of 30 pounds!). My dream is – are you listening Paravion editors? – that they will put out special holiday editions so that I can mail them off as super fancy Christmas cards/mini gifts. Perhaps A Child’s Christmas in Wales would work?

Discover Paravion and order a few books at their website or by clicking *here*

And if you don’t know about Atlantis Books, have a virtual visit of their store *here*

And, if you’re still keen, you can read my photo diary of living down the slope from the store back in the winter of 2006 *here*

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