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Moko & Loupe

July 11, 2015

Click the ‘Continue reading’ button and then watch the movie. (We’ll talk about it after.)

Moko & Loupe from Adrian Hornsby on Vimeo.

Wow, right? Bizarre and whimsical and impossible to turn away from. That short film features a whole bunch of people who have slept at my house on multiple occasions! Adrian Hornsby wrote and directed the movie (and appears as the recurring brightly vested construction-type worker). Quinn Comendant is Moko. (Or is it Loupe? Hard to discern.) from Kilometer Zero, Hannah Marcus is the dubious nail-polishing elections worker. Tim Vincent-Smith is Loupe. (Or is it Moko?) And Alma Ayon is the aggrieved jogger.

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One Response to Moko & Loupe

  1. Adrian says:

    No! Tim Vincent Smith is Moko! See 6.56 in the timeline. Quinn Comendant is Loupe! See 7.06 in the timeline. NB Also Charmian Hornsby as the tea drinking lady, who has not slept in your house, but you have slept in hers.

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